Accounting & Consulting Services Offered

The professional expertise at Stern Consulting USA extends to a variety of accounting and consulting services offered to our clients. Whether you are seeking advice and services related to your personal financial situation, a new business venture, or a small or medium sized business, our team of CPAs and professionals will evaluate your specific matters and work with you one-on-one to best assess and address your needs. Our goal is to help you achieve success and optimize results for your unique situation.

Our Accounting & Consulting Services Offered Include:

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Domestic Tax Services

Here at Stern Consulting USA, we understand the importance of obtaining one-on-one attention for your tax planning and compliance needs. We carefully analyze and evaluate your tax and financial history to prepare for future tax obligations and best apply applicable tax law changes to your situation as they arise. Our firm not only provides individuals and businesses with tax preparation services, but will also develop a proactive tax plan to help minimize your taxes. We educate all of our clients and will work with you to ensure that you are prepared for each tax year’s filings.

As part of our tax planning practice, our primary objective is to legally assist you in minimizing your tax burden by providing impact analyses of proposed courses of action prior to implementation. This service also provides new businesses with guidance on up front structural decisions and the related tax implications. Furthermore, should the need arise, our firm has the ability to represent you before the IRS or other federal or state regulatory agencies when tax compliance issues arise.

Our CPAs and Tax Practitioners will prepare and file all personal and business tax returns, including federal, state and local reporting obligations. In addition, we are often contracted to maintain responsibility for other tax compliance related filings, including payroll taxes, sales taxes, vendor 1099s, etc.

Our firm has made a commitment to leverage technological advances to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of our work product. Our firm is an Authorized e-file Provider and, when available, we submit tax forms electronically, which translates into quicker refunds and greater filing accuracy with government agencies. In spite of the advances in technology, there is no computer software substitute that can take the place of a licensed CPA. All individual and business tax returns prepared by our firm are subject to a thorough review process by a licensed CPA.

Our Domestic Tax Services Include:

  • Individual Income Tax
    Preparation & Planning
  • Business Tax Preparation & Planning
  • Tax Research
  • Payroll & Sales Tax Compliance
  • Tax Examination &
    Audit Representation


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Business Bookkeeping, Accounting & Financial Management

Small and medium sized business owners need to be able to spend their time focusing on growing their business and increasing the bottom line. Unfortunately, for many business owners, a significant amount of time is usually spent performing the responsibilities normally taken on by a CFO or Controller. Stern Consulting aims to relieve business owners of those responsibilities so that they may focus their time and energy on improving and growing their business. We pride ourselves as being the "Rent-A-CFO" for our clients.

Our firm will function as the accounting department of your organization. We will assume responsibility for most tasks normally associated with a CFO position in most companies, and can leverage advances in technology to minimize and almost eliminate the amount of time needed at your location. You would typically provide us with your revenue and expense transactions on a monthly basis. We prepare an accounts payable schedule usually twice a month and would provide it to you for payment approval; however we do not assume check signing authority for your business. Once we have gathered all the necessary information and have processed the transaction activity, we will reconcile the bank accounts for your business in order to ensure accuracy and cash integrity.

The majority of our clients contract our services beyond basic bookkeeping to include our accounting services as well. These additional services include the preparation of monthly financial statements to present an accurate depiction of your business's financial position and year-to-date earnings. In this process, we perform a detailed review of all accounting transactions and consider how such transactions translate into a tax minimization plan as well. The financial statements provided to you on a monthly basis will consist of a balance sheet and income statement, although additional reports can be provided upon request.

Many small and medium sized business owners do not fully grasp the importance of monitoring their business's financial position on a monthly basis. The financial statements prepared by our firm can be used as a powerful tool to examine the profitability of the business. In addition, with the use of a few simple analytical tools, Stern Consulting's professionals can help determine how to make improvements to your business, better manage business affairs, and plan for future growth and increased profitability.

Our clients find that by utilizing these services, combined with our domestic tax services, they are able to make better decisions and work to build successful businesses.

Our Business Bookkeeping, Accounting & Financial Management Services Include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Processing
  • Cash Disbursements &
    Accounts Payable Management
  • Monthly Reconciliations &
    Accounting Closing Process
  • Financial Reporting Assistance
  • General Ledger Analysis &
    Cash Management
  • Compilations
  • Preparation of Budgets
  • Hiring of Independent Auditor & Coordination of the Annual Audit
  • Establishing Internal Control Procedures & Accounting
    Procedures Manuals
  • Accounting Software Training


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Business Start-up Services


Looking to start your own business? Let Stern Consulting USA help you get started. The establishment of a new business can be a time consuming and overwhelming process. We will make sure that you file all of the necessary forms and documents, as well as provide you with advice on how to get your business moving in the right direction. Our start-up consultations will relieve you of tedious, one-time tasks that request professional assistance to ensure that your business will be in full compliance with applicable regulations from the very beginning. Our clients often find that our services in this area help them develop a long lasting relationship with our firm through the contracting of our ongoing accounting and tax services.


Our Business Start-up Services Include*:

  • Incorporation Filings
  • State Business Registrations
  • Advisory Services on
    Start-up Operations
  • Strategic Planning & Business
    Plan Development
  • Application for Employer
    Identification Number
  • Application for Sales Tax
    Vendor Status
  • Establishment of Workers Compensation & Disability Insurance
  • Establishment of
    Unemployment Insurance
  • Establishment of Billing &
    Accounting Systems
  • Establishment of Banking Relationships & Loan Applications
*Certain services listed above may be provided by affiliated companies through our strategic relationships.


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Personal Financial Management

Our knowledgeable team of professionals understands that one of the most difficult things to do these days is manage your own finances. Between credit cards, student loans, mortgages and all your other monthly bills, the strain of managing your personal and family finances can be overwhelming and burdensome. Stern Consulting USA provides services to help lighten the load and assist you in making your financial life easier.

Our Personal Financial Management Services Include:

  • Personal Budgeting
  • Expense Analysis
  • Cash Management
  • Debt Consolidation Assistance
  • Home Purchase Analysis
  • Bankruptcy Assistance


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Financial & Estate Planning


Whether it’s planning for retirement, growing your children’s college fund or planning the transfer of your financial assets to successive generations, Stern Consulting USA is here to help. Let us advise you on how to preserve capital, grow your wealth and plan for the future, without being excessively taxed on the money you earn, save or transfer.


Our firm leverages the strategic relationships that we have established in order to provide a consistent, comprehensive, custom-tailored approach to provide you with financial and estate planning services to meet your current and future needs. We make a continual effort to ensure that your interests are placed at the forefront as the number one focus when developing a financial plan. Our planning techniques are designed to maintain an effective strategic plan for maintaining long-term financial security.

Our Financial & Estate Planning Services Include*:

  • Personal Insurance
  • Commercial/Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Investments / Portfolio Management
  • Asset Protection
*Certain services listed above may be provided by affiliated companies through our strategic relationships.

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Other Services

Our Other Services Include:

  • Basic & Advanced Microsoft Excel Training
    • Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet analytical tool, which can assist you in becoming more effective and efficient in your daily operations. Using this advanced tool, we can demonstrate and teach how to implement the software features and functionality in actual business application scenarios. Becoming proficient in Microsoft Excel is key to better analyzing all of your business transactions. Once you learn the basics, our training will cater to your specific needs.
  • Microsoft Excel Training for Accountants
    • We can customize our Microsoft Excel training to address the various needs of accountants and teach you the skills that are needed in today’s technologically focused environment to advance your accounting career. In addition, having the skill set to navigate, organize and present various types of data in a user friendly analytical format will make you a more valuable member to company management. We can also assist you in creating templates to help you perform your accounting function and operational activities in a more automated and efficient manner.


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